Inside Suns, Perfect Gaze

by square_wave / Prajna

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"Lover's Slumber": Drifting through mists hanging heavily on forests coming to life under sun-kissed clouds, playful Oni lure lost children. 

"Want to Need": Slipping like ghosts through thousand-year-old monastery walls, crossing hidden courtyards where Buddhist monks make their cell phone calls.


released September 15, 2016

1.  square_wave - Lovers Slumber
Ty Hodson - monome, estate sale records, synths, percussion, vocals, mix
Prajna - supine presence, rummaging
Recorded and mixed May 5, 2014 at sublevel9 studios
(c) 2014 Ty Hodson / sublevel9 studios
(p) 2016 Thousands of Tiny Warriors (ascap)

2.  Prajna - Want to Need
Prajna - bowed and tapped violin, gas tank bells, vocals, processing, mix
Ty Hodson - field recording (Florence, OR - Mar 2014), processing, mix
Recorded Nov 14, 2015 / Mixed Aug 26, 2016 at sublevel9 studios
(c) 2015 Prajna
(p) 2016 Thousands of Tiny Warriors (ascap)

Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room
Chris: artwork, design, layout
Thanks to Chris, Randall, Charlene

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